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Attention, fellow business owners! If you’ve found your way to our page, know that it’s no coincidence. Having weathered the challenges of establishing our own business, we’re driven to support entrepreneurs like you. We understand that starting a business doesn’t automatically equip you with all the knowledge needed to succeed. Through our own experiences, we’ve come to realize that failure often stems from a lack of awareness about resources that can benefit both you and your business.

In our initial business venture, we relied solely on our personal credit and finances, resulting in numerous costly lessons learned through trial and error. Even after discovering what was essential for taking our business to the next level, we encountered obstacles that hindered our progress. Consequently, we are here to ensure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes we made.

At times, we wrongly assumed that every service aimed to facilitate business growth, only to discover that the information provided was applicable to specific business types. Not every lender caters to your particular business, leading to disparities in approval and denial rates. Additionally, we unwittingly incurred charges for services that should have been free, proving to be an expensive oversight. In certain instances, the exorbitant fees and the expectation to independently navigate complex processes left us feeling overwhelmed. While we acknowledge that individuals should be compensated for their time and expertise, we believe that as a small business, every expenditure should yield tangible value without leaving you feeling adrift.

This realization has inspired us to create a membership…

We make provision for a monthly subscription for our members so they can access these resources and support at a low cost; we target small business owners who do not have computer literacy skills but require step-by-step guidance on how to obtain certain services to help them build, maintain and or grow their business.

Build Business In A Solid Way And Grow More

Tameika Price

Leader "Price Consulting Group"

Our Vision & Mission

At Price Consulting Group LLC, our vision is to create an organization with a robust structure to help business owners and be successful at helping those that are really in need.
Our mission is to help others that are new to the business, trying to start a business, or just lost in business and need knowledge and resources to help them.

Awards & Recognition

Our philosophy as a company is that knowledge, resources, guidance, attention to detail, good communication, and support are important for our clients to stay in business; they need dedicated and experienced professionals within the stipulated time at the right price for them.To achieve desired results which will see them get the right use of technology and templates that will be provided

Business Objectives

First and foremost, our primary goal as an organization operating in the US is to assist and help small business owners. We have therefore listed the following to be our company objectives:

The business objectives of Price Consulting Group align with its mission to provide resources and support to small business owners while also offering hands-on assistance to those who are not fully acquainted with the digital world. Here are some suggested business objectives for Price Consulting Group:

These business objectives should reflect the core values and aspirations of Price Consulting Group, emphasizing its commitment to providing valuable support to small business owners and individuals seeking to adapt to the digital world.

Provide Comprehensive Business Consulting Services

Offer a wide range of consulting services tailored to the specific needs of small business owners, including but not limited to marketing, financial management, operations, and strategic planning.

Serve Diverse Clientele

Reach and support small business owners from diverse backgrounds, industries, and demographics, ensuring that the consulting services are accessible and beneficial to a wide range of entrepreneurs.

Foster Digital Literacy

Develop and implement programs to enhance digital literacy among individuals who are not fully proficient with digital tools, helping them adapt to the modern business environment.

Build Strong Client Relationships

Focus on building long-term relationships with clients by providing exceptional consulting services, personalized support, and a deep understanding of their unique business challenges.

Achieve Financial Sustainability

Establish and maintain a solid financial foundation, ensuring that the business remains profitable and sustainable to support its mission and growth objectives.

Financial Objectives

⦁ To increase the amount generated as revenue on an annual basis

⦁ To record 20% growth in the second and subsequent years

⦁ To provide the resources for the company to launch and function appropriately during the first three years of business operation

⦁ To reinvest part of the company’s profit back into the business

⦁ Continue to drive down the costs associated with acquiring more customers across the US

⦁ To factor in an efficient way to limit expenses as revenue grows.

We Help You to Grow Your Business Exponencially

Our customers can rest assured that features such as culture, communication, industry expertise, customer service, customization, and trustworthiness will make us a good fit for their business as their business management partner.

Price Consulting Group has been a game-changer for my business. Their expertise and personalized approach helped us navigate challenges and achieve remarkable growth.

    Luciano Ferry
    Luciano Ferry


    Exceptional service! Price Consulting Group's commitment to understanding our unique needs and delivering tailored solutions has been instrumental in our success.

      Alya Allison
      Alya Allison


      Working with Price Consulting Group has been a valuable investment. Their insightful guidance and unwavering support have been crucial in propelling our business forward.

        Trevor Hart
        Trevor Hart


        Target Area Description

        PRICE CONSULTING GROUP LLC is located in Houston, Tx however; the company’s target market is spread around the US because our services can be rendered virtually. We are interested in providing business management and consulting services to as many millwork manufacturing companies as possible therefore we will use the internet as leverage to connect with more owners across our target locations, we will communicate the benefits of choosing PRICE CONSULTING GROUP LLC as their professional business management and consulting partner to them.

        Our clients can request our services, get resources and support remotely, and pay for the resources and products online via the company’s website/third-party payment gateway, this opens up more market share and higher returns for the company. The business terrain is fair in Houston, Tx, and it is an area with great potential as far as SME industry growth is concerned.

        Considering the government policies, and economic viability of businesses in Houston, Tx, the location provides an edge for our company as a start-up, we have a large customer base to support the operation and their engagements are significant enough to drive the company’s growth across more regions. In a nutshell, our business is viable in our chosen environment and aid our quick expansion.